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The recent decade has seen high rise in the demand of aluminium extrusion in product design

Aluminium extrusion demands are increasing as the material is light weight and makes great impact in load bearing material. The use of aluminium extrusion has increased significantly in the recent decade. Forcing the aluminium with powerful ram through die and shaping in specific shape is relatively simple process or operation in the aluminium extrusion industry, but it requires workforce and managing workforce is quite tedious. Procuring the raw material and transporting it to the industry brings various challenges and difficulties, as transportation can get hampered due to climatic conditions. Hence it is necessary to monitor all the operations to keep the industry running.

Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in gaining full control over the operations to achieve maximum working efficiency

Lighthouse ERP software for aluminium extrusion and profiles resolves the complexity of the operations in the industry by giving full control of the operations and processes. Lighthouse ERP handles all the work orders, production press planning, and process specific bill generation with automation to cut down on all the delays that lengthens the extrusion process. Lighthouse ERP is continuously evolving to meet the modern industry requirements. Lighthouse ERP is an industry specific tailor made customized ERP software that helps the industry to stay at the maximum operational speed and achieve maximum output.

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How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Complete transparency

Lighthouse ERP software provide complete transparency in the operations and processes. This helps the industry in gaining complete control and gains various insights of the industry. Lighthouse ERP transforms difficulties into solutions by providing absolute transparency.

Avoid Production Downtime

Lighthouse ERP helps in planning and scheduling maintenance of machines and equipment simultaneous to production so that the manufacturing or production process does not get hampered. This helps the industry to continuously stay functional without worrying about downtime.

Supply Chain Management

Lighthouse ERP software solution enables the industry in properly managing supply chain management. Procuring raw material, transport of raw material, processing of raw material, and delivering the final product, all these supply chain operations are easily managed by Lighthouse ERP software.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Finance and Accounts

Gain full control in managing financial transactions and keep the records of all the financial transaction for easy access. Finance and accounts module helps the industry in achieving full control of finance.

Asset Management

Asset management module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing all the assets. Manage all fixed and other assets and keep complete record of assets with asset management module.

Quality Control

Quality control module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in maintaining high quality of the manufactured product and goods by following all the standards and guidelines set by the industry.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.