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Lead Manufacturing and Refining

Refine the core working processes and operations with Lighthouse ERP for lead manufacturing

erp for lead Refining Industry

Lead industry must increase operational efficiencies to maximize the productivity

Lead manufacturing is a complex process, and involve various operations. It is a volatile energy market that is characterized by major energy shifts in supply and demand. Increase in demand of lead which is used as major component in batteries, lead manufacturing and refining industries has to constantly stay in production. Lead manufacturing and refining industry go through tedious phases to manufacture lead. Digging the ores from mines, and transporting ores to manufacturing plant can sometimes delay the production in the industry. Every major lead manufacturing and refining industry faces huge challenges; hence the industry needs a one stop solution.

Increase the overall efficiency of operations in lead industry with Lighthouse ERP software

Lighthouse ERP software for lead manufacturing and refining industry transforms the way industry functions. Lighthouse technical expertise and mapping of key requirements is the key behind success of Lighthouse ERP. Our expert team designs custom tailor made ERP software that is industry specific to meet the requirements in the industry. This helps the industry in achieving efficiency as well as smoothen the workflow in the industry. Lead manufacturing and refining ERP is designed to handle complete needs of the industry in effective and accurate way.

Lead Refining ERP Software

How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Reduce Operational Cost

Lighthouse ERP helps the industry to minimize the use of resource by automating range of key processes. Automating the key processes also helps the industry and team to focus on other aspects of business, and plan strategic activities resulting in cost reduction.

Keep Quality High

Staying competitive and relevant in the business is the key requirement for any business to survive. Lighthouse helps the industry in keeping the quality of the manufactured product high to meet the high demand of product. Identify new trends and opportunities by streamlining production.

Avoid Production Downtime

Lighthouse ERP helps in planning and scheduling maintenance of machines and equipment simultaneous to production so that the manufacturing or production process does not get hampered. This helps the industry to continuously stay functional without worrying about downtime.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry to keep record of all the financial transactions. Furthermore this module also manages all the activities associated with accounts.

Quality Control

Quality control module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in keeping the quality of the product high. It makes the production line follow set standards and guidelines to achieve high quality product.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management module in Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in managing the entire supply chain operations with ease. Starting from acquiring the raw material to distribute the manufactured products, Lighthouse ERP handles everything.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.