ERP for Met Coke and Calcined Coke


Met Coke

Fuel up the complete industry with smooth workflow with ERP for petroleum coke industry

ERP Software for Petroleum Coke

Demand of steel directly affects the demand of Met Coke

Metallurgical coal or met coal is a grade of coal that helps in obtaining good quality coke. Coke is the primary ingredients used in steel making. Huge demand of steel due to infrastructural development has given right the demand of met coke and Calcined pet coke. Obtaining met coke or calcined pet coke involves various tedious processes and operations. Making of steel and aluminium from met coke and calcined pet coke is meticulous process, hence the industry faces many challenges for production and extraction.

Make the process of extraction and production easy with Lighthouse ERP

Lighthouse ERP software for met coke extraction delivers impeccable performance providing complete transparency in the processes and operations in the industry. Maintain batch with size, godown control, and log shift easily with Lighthouse ERP. Our ERP software helps the industry in production planning, material requirement planning, and quality control. Lighthouse ERP streamlines the mining and processing of coke for steel making and aluminium making, improving the efficiency in the industry. Lighthouse ERP is tailor made software solution with industry specific solution to meet the industry requirements.

ERP for Metallurgical Coke Industry

How Lighthouse ERP helps the industry

Efficiency without cost

Lighthouse ERP software helps the industry in achieving efficiency in operations without cost. Our cost effective ERP software helps the industry in streamlining all the operations and processes, that comes with Lighthouse ERP software solution.

Boost production with automation

Automation streamlines the entire process, allowing planning and focusing on various new ideas and strategies. Ordering, purchasing, invoicing, and dispatch activities are completely automated with Lighthouse ERP to give the business an edge.

Supply Chain Management

Manage all the supply chain operations and processes only with Lighthouse ERP software solution. Procurement of raw material, transportation, processing, and delivering the final shipment, all these supply chain operations are readily taken care in Lighthouse ERP.

Lighthouse modules for industry solution

Inventory Management

Inventory management or material management module in Lighthouse ERP software solution helps the industry in managing and stocking of raw material and manufactured product and their storage.

Quality Control

Quality Control module in Lighthouse ERP software solution helps the industry in maintaining high quality of products. These products are checked according to the standards and guidelines set by the industry.

Finance and Accounts

Finance and accounts module in Lighthouse ERP software solution helps the industry in managing all the financial transactions in the industry, and all the activities associated with accounts.

What Our Clients Say

What is the most important element missing in industry?

Lighthouse ERP completes the missing block in the industry with its fully automated integrated system giving absolute visibility and transparency in business processes.