"The Finance management module gives complete control over financial transactions, taking care of all payments and bill. Finance module collect data from various modules."

Financial Management

The ERP finance module in Lighthouse ERP software enables to manage the finances efficiently. The module is encompassed with all the reliable financial tools. The integrated finance management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in managing all the financial transactions in the industry and store all the information and records on central server in real time. It helps in seamlessly handling all the accounting and financial management functioning.

The finance management module in Lighthouse ERP integrates with all the other modules in the Enterprise Resource Planning software to give the industry complete insights and visibility. Integration with production, sales, shipping, and management modules in Lighthouse ERP provides complete transparency. Control all the financial transaction right from the device from single place with integrated Lighthouse ERP finance management module.

Finance management module will help in handling all the accounting activities. Eliminate all the paper work and convert all the paperwork into online sheets and reports to eliminate stacks of paper. This helps the industry in eliminating misplacement of important documents. It also helps in managing assets and their state. Every asset in the industry in monitored in real time and provides advanced reports in matter of few seconds.

The finance management module in Lighthouse ERP provides invoice and bill management system for any currency required for convenience. Manage all the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Flow, Ledger Management, and Bank Transaction simply from finance management module in Lighthouse ERP software. The module helps the business in improving performance and productivity with real time report available on dashboard.