Human Resource

"The Human resource management module provides and stores all the details of employee including their skill set, attendance, payroll, leaves, and other important details."

Human resource management

Human resource management module in Lighthouse ERP system is designed to handle all the operations and activities associated with HR. Human resource module monitors and controls the workforce of entire organization. Human resource management module or HRM module in crucial in every organization to control the entire workforce and store details of every employee working for the organization. The human resource management module also helps in onboarding new employees.

Management of attendance, recruitment, payroll, employee skills, working hours, and leaves is done in human resource management module in Lighthouse ERP software. Automation in human resource management module also helps in completing or executing the tasks automatically eliminating the delays in complete certain tasks. This improves the overall efficiency of functioning in the organization as delays can hamper the workflow of entire organization causing work disruption.

Lighthouse human resource management module is integrated with various other modules to collect the necessary information. All the information of various module along with human resource management module is stored on central server for easy access. This helps in easy access to information, reports, sheets, charts, and records of the employee. Lighthouse ERP module human resource management module keeps track of every employee and generate statistical reports based on the information.

Unify human resource management processes in a single customization ERP software that streamline the entire process management of managing work force. A integrated human resource management module helps the industry in numerous ways, so as the achieve complete transparency and visibility in the processes. Human resource management module gives complete control over all the processes of HR.