"The Production management module ensures that all the activities and operations associated with production including production planning and scheduling are completed on time."

Production Management

Production management module in Lighthouse ERP empowers the industry to control all the operations and activities associated with production. A well organized manufacturing process can help the industry in reducing the cost against improved efficiency. Efficient manufacturing or production process also eliminates the bottlenecks and waste of raw scrap material that helps in better and flexible production process. Production management module in Lighthouse ERP helps the industry in creating impactful manufacturing process.

Production management module functionalities include production order control, production order planning, production order statistics, order subcontracting, and material issue. These functionalities help the Lighthouse ERP software in making production planning and management better. Production management module is highly integrated module and collects information from all relevant modules in real time to improve the overall production efficiency. This module streamlines the entire production process.

Production management module also helps the industry in planning the production cycle and maintaining plant equipments. The production capacity per unit and machine can be easily estimated with production management module in Lighthouse ERP. Optimum utilization of all the available resources in the industry can be achieved with production planning and management module. Generate automatic job orders for the production with the help of this module in ERP software.

Production data management, revision control, and multi division and site planning is also key functions of production planning and management module in Lighthouse ERP. Production management module also supports data collection via barcode or RFID codes as it controls and tracks all the available shipments, and also the shipments which are out for delivery. Production management module is a complete solution for production or manufacturing process in the industry.